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About The Company

Started in 1985 as General Trading Company. The Alraied Group is today one of the Most accomplished and diversified business house in Libya Alraied’s success has been driven by the company’s commitment into innovation and excellence .Through the consistent application of this commitment and through the year of ethical business conduct Alraied Group has earned an unparalleled reputation for trust and reliability. Alraied‘s ethical and visionary practices have allowed the company to successfully expand into number of business. Today Alraied Group is a leading importer and provider of services in multitude of categories in: Power& telecommunications systems, Computer training & development center, Automotive Sales, Leasing & Maintenance, electrical, are few. The group has more recently entered in the oil and chemical sectors and the management views these as avenues for enormous growth.Alraied management understands that the company’s greatest asset is the trust and the faith that customers have reposed in it and recognizes that company must continue to earn this Trust. Alraied provide extraordinary service to the customers in the construction, commercial, & residential markets & excellent opportunities to our employees. Our company prides itself on quality customer service, professionalism and most important of all, our knowledgeable employees. It is through our dedicated employees that we have built a solid and compelling foundation of industry excellence. As a service oriented business, we have grown to expect the same perseverance from potential employees who can continue on with our legacy. It will be with these individuals, who are inspired to advance in a continually challenged business, environment that we will continue to succeed. With internal facets of sales, customer service, project quotation, our team and locations are networked together to meet the needs of the customers and exceed expectations. Our strong in-house capabilities and internal industry experts that are able to provide our customers with the service necessary to make every project a success. From large construction projects to small jobs, from competitive budgeting to estimates and everything in between, our team is ready to assist. Alraied professional sales team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help customers become more successful and profitable in business. Backed with a strong focus on new products, cost and labor savings opportunities ready to present to you. Extensive product knowledge, intimate local market penetration and superior customer service are only some of the qualities that make our team the best to service you like no other distributor can.

3.5 Km, Sawani Road Fallah Tripoli ,Libya

phone : 0214809911

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